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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

well these 'dates' have grown somewhat odd. I think i have met up with (let's call him C) C about 6 times now. It is all very well and good, we actually do seem to get along, however there are issues. I might be very picky and all that but (as these things do) one thing has led to another and that 'other' thing has turned out to be an overly perculiar experience. I dont know if there are many men like this but in my experience (which admitidly is not a large one) there aren't. We get to a certain point and all is fine and dandy and then he loses interest...very weird. I had to leave rather abruptly yesterday after we got to the weird him no longer being interested in what im doing phase and he started to touch my face which frankly i found very creepy. Basically the way he was going we could have been there for hours and it was already very late at night and overall it possibly wouldnt have gotten anywhere anyway. So that is that most odd situation!

In other news I went out today with umm 'B'. Totally different kettle of fish, older for a start, quite posh, does a lot of travelling, can imagine him being quite old before his time, C on the other hand is probably easier to have a laugh with. But we went for a nice walk around the local area. He works in IT which to be honest is probably not the best thing to look for in a person if you want them to be majorly outgoing! But i won't go in to that one too much, I may never speak to him again, must watch this space!

In even more man related news, Will wanted to take me away for the weekend, unfortunately I am (as he put it) 'very popular and pretty' (ahh :s) and have other things to be doing. I am actually going to devon with the girls, in my opinion probably a better offer as who knows what sorts of things he may try with me! I might be seeing him tomorrow actually but we will see what other offers may come my way first!

Anyway, that is all the news I have for the moment, i will now add the final 'F' installment! x


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