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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

well i decided that this would be a good time for confessional number three. However, before i delve into that there are a few events that have occured which i believe are entertaining enough to be blogged...

firstly went to gym today and then joined my mother for a swim in the pool. after a while we decide to get out to use the sauna, there were two girls in there with a mother or family member or similar which is fine - my mother liked to make small talk with this other mother and all was well in the world of allowing my mother to talk. However, after they got out a young man got in. Im assuming he was in his twenties, he was not offensive to the eye - although his accent had a slight bristolian twang - he was generally rather pleasant. Hang on there a moment...his accent you say??? yes his accent, my mother decides she must also make conversation with the nice young man...I have no hope in life.

anyway, that is one little story for this tuesday afternoon.
Secondly, my mother's friend deb. Well, if we think my mother a tad on the oddside then well (my mother who is currently singing mozarts requiem along to youtube...???!), anyways... deb has a son called josh. josh is currently in mexico (so far so good), he is in mexico with a 40 year old high priestest druid - certainly not your usual holiday partner of choice. Apparently there is "no sexual activity between them" - mother, this is not what i want to be discussing in front of the nice young man!

well, they are the stories...i will now move on to the real point as to why i am on here!



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