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Monday, May 07, 2012

so we have returned from our long weekend by the hot tub, which i must say was rather pleasant! We have eaten so much food that I don't think I will need another meal until at least Friday and I have done so little moving around that going to the gym at some point this afternoon is probably a preferable idea :s We have had some interesting discussions about the ins and outs of life...boys, love, houses, porn, irons...all the usual things I suppose! I spent the weekend surrounded by a group of 'loved up' girls, which is odd as I guess I always thought I would be the loved-up one, but that is the funny way the world works.
C has text me quite a lot over the weekend, which is good in the way it makes me feel popular but, to be honest, is starting to bore me a little. He still writes silly things and asks silly questions (or what I feel to be silly). I think I have concluded from this holiday that yes I want a boyfriend but C is not the one. I have to say he is better than Will, who has actually recently taken to asking me 'will you ever actually 'go out' with me?' , which I promptly reply to with a 'no'. C on the other hand I doubt would ever ask me that which in this particular situation is probably a good thing as it means I get to do what I want to do (to some extent) but don't have to worry too much about leading him on - it's not my fault he never asks!
So yes, before I start on this ramble, I would like a boyfriend. Hopefully in the coming weeks there are a couple of opportunities to meet new 'prospects', however I won't count on this, as if I were to expect things to happen they almost certainly won't, so an open mind is called for.

I think that is all news for now. My parents are planting tomatoes....let me paint a little picture here, it is cold, it is raining and there is a large chance that we may end up with stormy stormy weather. Now, in my experience (which to be fair to them is not extensive in the world of gardening), this is probably not the best conditions for planting new things. In fact I'm still not sure if the strawberries in the their polythene tent survived the recent gales!

Well, I leave the life stories there for the moment, while I go and do something constructive and think of something more intellectually challenging/vastly more exciting to write about next time! x


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