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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Friday, March 23, 2012

soooo im bored, it is a friday annnnd im meant to be working this weekend but somehow have largely avoided this :s however it does mean i will be spending a large amount of time with either myself or my least the weather is going to be nice, sunny, warm...yay!
still having twangs of dan related pain but this is settling again, like it has done in the past which can only be a good thing. i have seen will a couple of times (not in any kind of romantic sense, despite him evidently wanting it to be like this) it is quite entertaining and it gives me something to do (noooo not in the rude sense) it means i get out of the house and have someone different to talk to annnd shows that there are men in the world who do want to be with and spend time with me (despite it not being reciprocated) which surely must help in the whole grand scheme of life.

anyway, sport relief is on and i must stop rambling away my evening, i dont think much exciting has happened this week. Anna is trying to form some sort of girls holiday but with most people all lovey dovied up i dont know how well this will plan out. ooooo zoe and ben moved in together today...people are growing up and 'settling down', what is this? the 1950's? maybe im a bit more rock and roll! x


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