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Friday, March 16, 2012

currently have an hour or so home from work so thought would write...
i went on holiday last week with dan and mark to tintagel. It was an interesting holiday not just because they are boys and living with boys is a stressful situation.
holiday started all fine, dan being nicey nicey having a few moments of 'fun' while mark went out, which i was hoping would be a general thing for the whole week. however the first evening comes along and by 5am i had been told there was another girl on the horizen. well as you can guess this did not bode well for my lovely holiday that i had been imagining. ever since then i have not really been feeling fabulous about life, i dont think i realised how much this was going to effect me. i do think i coped with the week rather well, but i do wish the week had been a lot different. i think i had/have a lot more feelings over this than i first thought, im actually really upset by the whole thing although this is quite silly and i really shouldnt be. i really dont want him to be with anyone else, i guess i wanted it to always be me but that is quite ridiculous and i know (and suppose have for a while) that this would never be the case. I guess that is the problem with liking someone a hell of a lot more than they like you...i really must get over this, reall really....otherwise i will be dwelling on it for a long time :( x


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