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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Bin

It's my birthday on sunday!!!am extraordinerally excited!!! Have been at school for many hours today ummm...10 and a half hours infact!thats dedication for you!!!
I dont have much to tell.
Ooo I opened the door the other day and found a bin on the doorstep, it was very odd. Mum said we could put fire in it and have a sort of bonfire thing. She didnt seem all that worried that there was a bin on the doorstep!I thought it might be a bomb or something. Maybe Ondrej put it there, seems highly likely!
Anyway, must go and get in the shower.
Happ birthday to me, happy birthday to me...ok so a little early!
see yas


At 9:58 pm, Blogger Flin said...

uhhh i have neglected my role as chief commenter and now sum bafoon has been typing! uhh I want to meet the marrow, although i am worried that the world of bloggers think your obsessed with gardening now!! HAHA! Its your birthday in like a few days cnt b a***d 2 count! MMMMMM drunken holly i miss her, i feel we need 2 have a non pregnant pregnant chat!!! nehoo lv ya n leave ya!! xxx


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