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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sleigh Bells Ring are you Listening-yes, I do mean you!

Hey the computer is back in working order, finally!!!
Can't talk for long as have homework to do and need to get in shower and have tea before 6:30 and is already 4:10!!!
I have a job! In Sainsbury's which is where I was alllllllll last week and so this week is supposedly my relaxing week but I'm already going out in the evening and it's only Tuesday!!! the computer is fixed I can not think of anything to write. Ooooo I can open my advent calander tomorrow yey! Pinch punch first of the month and all that...(ok so I'm a few hours early).
So, I'm going to the Hippodrome tonight to see the sound of music. 'The Hills are alive...' as they say. However I'm going with my grandma and many other old ladies, could be interessting but if I remember correctly, last time I went to the Hippodrome with Grandma, she bought me some ice cream and a very cool bottle of water!!!!
Lalalala...I'm going bell ringing tomorrow, a whole evening of playing christmas songs, BRILLIANT-feeling tres festive (HoHoHo...) although it's still November. I have a feeling we might be there for a long time...may take sandwiches!!!
My brother is having a argument. Kinda dampens the festive mood, the time of joy and love and happiness seems to only enter our house for the one day of the year and even then it's limited. No, that's being a bit harsh on my dearest family members. Nothing will take away my christmas spirit, though, not even...what's his face...Bah Humbug...SCROOGE, that's the guy!
Anyway had better be off now to do some thrilling English homework which I understand but don't really get how to go about doing...I'm soooo confuzled!

Love you many times, Happy Chrimbo and a Very Very Merry New Year!!!


At 7:28 pm, Blogger Flin said...

Helllllloooooooooooooooooo!!!! It's not quite crimbo yet u div! O well, i suppose one can forgive one! Heehee. I am being given instructions on how 2 make fairy wings, so anna and i thought that on new yrs eve we wud cum as faries; wud u like 2 2????? Plz do it wud b funny!!! If it is unapropriate however please tell us! xxxx


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