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Sunday, September 04, 2005

jst had to tell you that one of my dads marrows from the allotment won the 'largest marrow' competition. here i go again about the allotment and other gardeny things. im sure there are only so many suggestive remarks that you can make about a 'large marrow' but my father does seem to know all of them eg. 'would you like to stroke my prize winning marrow?' he is way beyond humiliation and over the hill of the extremely embarrassing. anyway, birthday party in less than a week. I have four parties to go to including my own in the next 5 weeks and stereophonics on top of that!very excited, the marrow had better not end up at my birthday party, my father does seem to think it is one of the family!!!
Must go as have things to do.
Anyone know the religion of Taoism and care to tell me what its all about. They seem to be rather straight forward without any of the everything happens for a reason thing.


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