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Monday, April 11, 2005

Mmmm, listening to Keane at the mo. LaDiLa!!!
I'm very tired and would go to bed but my brother's playing the guitar which is annoying! Just done some english homework and am very drained so need to go to bed.
I've just had a boring day as I only had 1 lesson which was 5th and so I had to wait around for 51/2 hours before stimulating my brain! However I had a bit of a laughing fit at lunchtime, hehehe, dunno why really, but it took me a whole hour to recover and be able to laugh again! Sad news tho; Jenny's going to die, from malaria, or a tsunami or possibly both! who knows?!
Haven't talked on here for ages, but there has been nothing much to write. Mmmmm, my mother has been going all farmerish again, and has been planting marrows and beetroot (or something) to grow on the windowsill in the kitchen and the back room. She was even talking to it today, saying 'hello' to every plant she happened to come this normal? Infact, I'm getting fairly worried. She spent many hours over easter at the allotment, I think she is getting far too attatched to her produce! Well, it's beyond me.
My whole family is mad. My dad was on the computer today (ooo, listening to some weird song now. almost country stlyey!yeehah!) anyway, he was trying to get my mum to apply for a job in oz and wanted to find her an application form, I think it was unsuccessful! Never mind.
Anyway, I've had enough of writing for one day. Oooo, tomorrow I may be going to get my winnings from the grand national. My horse came third at 66-1! yey, I'm rich!
Au Revoir.

Ark boy sails again.


At 10:02 pm, Blogger Flin said...

Nice one Miss Stock, ur words never fail 2 amuse me. Ark Boy sails again, have not laughed so much since monday!!


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