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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

just started to fill in my ucas thing. I did panic a little yesterday cos i had forgotten my username and password and thought i may not be able to go to uni. but it is now ok and i am 'over it'.
there is a lot of sun outside (I was reading the french-english dictionary yestaday, shine is brille in French, so at the mo, the sunbrille is!) but i need to do homework as school starts again in like 3 days boo hoo. quite upset by that. very strange to think there is only one more september of school ever and only one more october of school ever...thats soooo odd i feel too young to leave school. Anyway, excited by school want to see people again. Although have had a very social holiday this year and have seen quite a few people quite a lot of the time!!!have also not had ridiculous amounts of homework but now that ive said that on friday i bet i will end up getting pages of the stuff. what do they want to do, put us off school?mmm. I need to read Birdsong again. have been putting it off all holiday and now i have to read it. i have written two pages about Lord Byron tho. He was quite interesting and had many 'lady friends', he also had 'male friends' but the book didn't really go into that.
Im sure youll be glad to hear that ive once again been to the allotment (i cant quite let go of my 'farmers jeans' or my 'green fingers'.) i have chopped beetroot, dug up potatoes and have even found myself getting rather excited by an abnormally large marrow. my father wants to enter it into 'the largest marrow' contest. However, we must forgive him as he is now 50 and cannot help his old ways (hehe 50). i almost chopped a frogs head off the other day 'down at the allotment', with a spade. It was quite scary, not just for the frog, actually it could have been a toad as it was fairly big. I thought it was a potato.
Anyway, must go as have stuff to do. Its only 26 days til my birthday and only 11 days til my party. what am i going to wear?i feel so shallow.

Ill leave you with an intelligent question (as im doing lit homework)
What is the difference between Pride and Vanity?

Love Yas


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