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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Princess Marrow

It is all over.
No more exiciting christmas things to talk about, no more New Years celebrations.
The party was fun, if a little disturbing at the beginning! There was sooooooo much food, we could have fed the 5,000 for over a year (as long as the food didn't go off!)
There has been a disater in Asia-and the world has raised more money in a week for it than Band Aid has raised for 'the hungry' in 20 years! Now that's astonishment for you!!!
On a slightly happier note, my psyc exam will be over by this time next week! Yey! I have a ridiculous amount of revision to do and I'm writing on this thing-not a sensible idea really!!!
Oh well. What can one do about that?
Mmmm...I'm trying to thing as what to dress up as for Anna's fancy dress party. I told Debbie to go as a robot-hehehe-and now I am completly lost for ideas and all I can thing of is a fairy or a princess (imaginative skill 0). I did however think of a giant vegatable such as a pumpkin or marrow etc but that could be slightly hard to make and what if I needed the toilet? Or wanted to sit down? or, for that matter, actually move at all?
Maybe I'll have to think of plan...x. Mmmmm...that's a tricky one.
Anyway, I'll leave you all for now and I'll go and try and think of something brilliant I could go as.

I want to give you a deep and meaningful question to ponder over whilst I am gone but unfortunately it is proving very difficult to think of one....

How long is a piece of string?-that's philosophy for you!!!


At 9:18 pm, Blogger Flin said...

Go as a tangerine!!! U cud be orange like Ed Laura's luva!!


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