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Monday, February 21, 2005

Killer Disease

Hello my little friends!!! I have just been to school for the first time after half term and have already had to hit my head against a brick wall, die of pneumonia and been told that my life has been endangered by that very scary thing most people call 'Thousand Island Dressing'. However, you will be glad to know that I have checked the thousand island dressing and it does not contain any life threatening substances!!! I have been told I have a drama exam in all of about 4 weeks (hence the brick wall) and we haven't even cut the lines yet!

Moving on; on a more happier note, I am ahead of myself on the homework front and have finished my english essay!!! I am fairly sure I will be able to get Chicago tickets this weekend coming even if I have to buy them with my own money!!! shock horror!

I don't think anything overly exciting has happened in the last month or so. I have been shouted at by many people but I am getting over that now and have even made an executive decision to QUIT clarinet after grade 5! I have also decided although this is not public yet, to QUIT my job by about May!!! I believe that after all this decision making, my life will be sooooo much easier and there will be many more interesting things to talk about which there aren't at the mo!!! The only exciting things that happened today were that there was a firebell just as I was about to go home, Alex got rather 'close' to Jenny during psychology and on the bus on the way home I had a mini argument with the bus driver!

Anyway, I think you have had enough boredom for one day, see you tres soon!


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