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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Thank you Lynne, I am afterall a genius!!!
Jenny is going to the yr13 ball tonight-oh dear!! with a certain person whom I am not allowed to mention (oh dear again). hehehe
I am sat here alone at the mo in the study room with noone here as it is 3.10 and Im waiting for my driving lesson to arrive. My test is in less than a month-scary stuff!!!
wonder if my mother is going to yoga tonight?will carol be there?whos to know! must start revising for my exam on mon. especially after today as we did a mock french rev exam and I have concluded now that i know bugger all about the french and even less about revolution!!! life is hard!
I keep hearing noises in here! It might be a ghost-who-s to know?! it could just be a cleaner!!! NO more sainsburys yey. although am feeling sad as I had befriended the security guard and he even let me read his copy of 'Heat' when I got bored!!!

Oh dear. anna is going to said ball tonight too. with (unfortunatly enough) ark boy. Poor Dave is can see 'i am distraught' written all over his face and I think anna is coming round to the idea of her and Dave too.
Oooooo just been terrified-scary caretaker man just entered room from behind and almost gave me a heart attack!! you have to have eyes in the back of your head around here!!!

Anyway...poor Dave.
Not being mean-hope they all have much jolly fun (and, hopefully, with Jenny and 'mystery man' nothing more than jolly fun!) hehehehe
anyway must go as time is ticking.
keep up with the input and the comments-they're greatly appreciated!

Love me
I hate to think about what will happen in the limo or is ark boy taking anna in a different form of transport-an ark perhaps?! (I tried to resist!)

as i did with 'who are you going to the ball with Alex?!)


At 5:56 pm, Blogger Flin said...

WOW!! How you bring a smile to my face, i think you should print your diaries as memoirs or something as some of the stuff you write about is sheer brilliance! Maybe i should start to write, would be a constructive waste of time, rather than talking to laura and dave. RRR bless dave he does have the 'i am distraut' look on his face and maybe hes in with a chance cos noahs off 2 oz in three months!! Shocking! Love the way we have simple lives jess unlike other people we know!! Mentioning no names there tho! Rite adios and keep doing what your doing cos it works. xxx


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