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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Have just bin reading a book about Kings and Queens of England and found that there was a King Dafydd of Wales!!!was very much amused. Well that was my intellectual comment for the day. I have done my English essay, brain is in overdrive and cannot cope with the stacks of knowledge!!!
Nothing much has happened, and unfortunately i have nothing funny to tell so this blog will once again be tres boring.
ooo i may be in a pantomime, i have to wait til tuesday to find out. have i told u this before?sorry if i have but i cant remember as it has been a while. Anyway, i am hoping for the part of the all singing all dancing tree. Unfortunately i dont think i will get it because being vertically challenged at only about 5"2 and a half approx. i may be a bit short for a tree. However, i guess they could cast me as the all singing all dancing bush or possibly a bondai tree. oooo that would be interesting and multi cultural!!! what a great idea if i do say so myself. i feel as though ive gone back into allotment mode with all this talk of plant life oh well where would we be without the allotment 'up the creek without a spade' i say!!!
well thats enough excitement for today. Must go and tidy room in preparation for a VERY EXCITING halloween party complete with pretend cobwebs, spiders, scary films and other spooky things moohahaha!!!
Must love you and leave you!!!
See you shortly (hahaha shortly do u get it?!)


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