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Saturday, December 30, 2006

eugh i dont want to do anymore work today...i must have done over an hours revision and am very b0red of it!!!where did all my revision stamina go??
i went to notts yesterday looking at houses..was quite fun!!!think we found quite a nice one but didnt get a chance to look inside it!!!
anna and lynne and i randmoly went clubbing on thursday nite...was funny and reminded me muchly of being at uni and doing random unplanned activities!!!there was much discussion of sex..which was quite disturbing but then i suppose we were with anna!!!we got home about 2.15ish so i was very tired when had to wake up bright and early yest!!!
eugh revision is being a pain in the behind...there seems to be an awful lot of it...i dont really know where to start!!!
i am debating (with myself) whether or not to go out tonight. i really cant be bothered but i suppose it would give me something to do. however, there will be no drinking involved apart from maybe a glass of wine, cos i am saving myself for tomorrow!!!omg i cant believe tomoro is new years eve...last years was a slight disaster so i hope this year will be better. i am guna have to share a bed with lynne tomoro night..will be intresting...especially after a large intake of alcohol!!!!
well i shalt be off as once again am lacking in the interestin story front!!!
bye xxxxx


At 9:54 pm, Blogger Flin said...

Hahaha last years new years eve being a disaster... thats an understatement it was hideous! I am lovely to share a bed with, i share a bed with myself everynight and i dont complain!! That would be all... can you tell how bored i am yet as i think i have spoken to you via several differnt mediums today!!


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