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Thursday, December 28, 2006

duno wot to procrastinating cos i really have to start doing some work today!!!i even went for a very long walk yesterday with lynne through weston (weston...i ask u)to avoid doing revision. the parentals have pos decided it is a good idea to buy me a house to live in next year so im off to notts tomoz to go and have a look at one or two!!!am home alone atm with the brother who unfortunatly is playing his guitar!!!
omg its nearly 2007...a scary thought!!!am going to dans on sunday for a new years house party hehe am quite looking forward to it especially after the drunken evening lynne and i had last weekend at Sarahs...was highly humerous...i think we may have annoyed one or two people...but we are uni students now, whose days involve drinking and more drinking!!!
well nehoo, as my life is so full of very dull and limited activity i think i should be off to get in the shower before all the excitement catches up with me!!!
shalt speak soon


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