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Sunday, December 17, 2006


jess is at home...finally!!!and has, after much effort, managed to activate her password for her blog!!!!
anyhoo as far as i no several 'exciting' things have happened since ive bin away. number mother got into a fight (no suprises there), in a church..interesting!!!well it wasn't so much a fight but a slight argument with the weird woman who sits at the front on the right with the altos!!!but anyways i was glad i wasn't there to witness it!!! said woman stormed out but was quickly brought bak again. aparntly it was to do with how the music had been organised or something!!!hhmmm wot else..o Robert has dropped out of college and now does...nothing. according to my mother he sits in the pub all day turning into an alcoholic...its these sorts of things which make her feel glad that Matt is her son!!! i had to go to carol service tonight and was roped into doing bellringing...unfortunatly for me i had been drinking 'mulled wine' which then turned out to be punch and so wasn't even alcoholic. we put up our christmas trees (yes trees) today. colour co-ordinated as usual. we had to make a special shopping trip to Bedminster after we had got all the lights out and then realised they didn't work...the mother was all in a flap!!!i then didnt get to eat lunch until 4pm (which was ridiculous and quite painful concidering i have been eating very regularily at uni!!).
anyways don't think there is too much more to write. o, the allotment is no not sure if ive told u that before (its a very touchy subject which i dont wish to talk about). um...Calum has not been put in jail..such a shame as that would have actuly made some quite exciting news!!! brother spent the night in Weston in some girls house...intriguing!!
wel id best be off to bed. im sure il be writing more in my moments of boredom over christmas...may there be many!!
adios !!


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