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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

well boredom has struck again which is quite ridiculous as have only been home since friday night!!i cannot think of anything to do apart from revise which i really don't want to do and don't really have to do right at this moment!!!i have been typing up some lecture notes today...thats enough for anyone!!
lynne, anna and I went to the angel yesterday which was fun (catching up on a few things) except for the fact that all the news we had was uni related and so there was not much to talk about!! im going to the pub again tomorrow in Clevedon-yay!! hmm im liking all my pub trips however i am slightly concerned about my newfound liking of blackthorn (very very strange!!) ive just been looking at the poem ive bin writing whilst at is 31 verses long so far which just goes to show my boredom levels at uni. however despite these levels part of me is wanting to go back there cos im starting to not like home so much. its quite dull...i keep thinking about what i would be doing at uni at this time...etc etc. this time last week was the snowflake ball!a highly exciting event which unfortunatly turned into an alcohol fuelled argument. but neva mind!!!
neways...eugh i think i should find something more constructive to do, like maybe watching TV or similar!!!
bye for now!!


At 12:12 am, Blogger Flin said...

YAY!! You have found your love of blackthorn i am pleased. i hope that i can take the credit for this what with my small obsession!! Teehee... am very sad to hear that the alotment is no more and i find it amusing about ur brother and some girl... its jst disgraceful not coming home!! Teehee xx


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