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Saturday, February 10, 2007

after being sat down at my computer for approximately half an hour, trying to read through chapter 20 of my history text book i have realised that surely there must be more to life than attempting to do work. unfortunately i believe that whatever this thing is, it is hiding from me as i seem to spend the majority of my days being rather bored and doing work. i am supposed to be reading about Prohibtion in America in the 1920's. it is so far not that interesting except the part about two Italians being executed in the electric chair mainly because they were radicals and they were Italian (and so were obviously responsible for murder). Americans were a bit strange though and Prohibition does kind of show that-banning 'liquor' and 'Darwinism'-the re-emergence of the KKK, i think it was all rather ridiculous.
Anyway, it is quite boring to read...i'm only on page 668 and need to get to 695 over the weekend. and i have to finish this novel and im not even half way through. i may read some more of that in a minute.
right....interesting stories. i do believe i have none. i am going home on Friday (yay and yay) can get away from here for a few days. the tension is starting to hurt and im kinda ill....not the greatest situation if im wanting to play pub golf next weekend but heyho!!!
rite im guna go now. may read another page or two of the thrilling history text book and then i will give up on work for today..where has all my stamina gone..??i decided the other day that i may even think about starting an essay this weekend...i cant see that happening. maybe i will wait for my exam results to be given back to me on Tues before i write the essay...i mean there is no point in writing one if i have failed and am being kicked off the course is there..??!!
so am off, will write soon!!


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