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Monday, August 06, 2007

i have just returned from choir camp, yesterday. that was an experience if ever there was one!!! went to the pub last night, after having been forced to go to a barn dance and dance with a load of the 'old aged'. i did however go to the pub with a 17 and a 15 year old....therefore i was obv drink buyer, unfortunately what i hadn't realised was that there was a police car outside of the pub...ooer!!!
thankfully we were not invaded. but even if we had been invaded i believe that it would have been something to do with the fact that in this pub was a man dressed as a pirate with a real parrot on his shoulder....very weird!!! but i suppose this was a very small community, they must have to inbreed an awful lot.
we sang a lot (as you do on choir camp) and had to sleep in bunk beds, o and take cold showers. at least i was not sleeping in a tent, unlike my mother-who does she think she is??? there was actually no need for her to camp, but she was obviously trying to make a statement.
anyhoo, may walk to the grandparent's house and then phone work..oh the joys!!!


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