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Sunday, January 13, 2008

the complexity of moderninity-how confusing my pending exam is becoming. today i have read up on the Gulf War. am now reading about being oneself. trying to be an individual and different from everyone however in doing this one seems to fall into a certain stereotype. therefore we must ask ourselves how far people go to become an individual? there is then the question of the 'community'. has the modern world with its large anonymous businesses and mass technology failed to accomodate for community spirit and polite conversation? has everyone become so insular that saying hello to your next door neighbour once in a while is considered a disruption? personnally i think most people have become to self-centred and content in just being themselves. maybe people are forgetting that it takes more than one person to make a change. being an individual takes up far too much of our time and maybe we should learn to be content with what we have. being different cannot be forced, if u r different then that is that. why do some people feel like they need to change themselves in order to fit in (or not to fit) with conventions? or does conformity, now, lead us into wanting to look and act alternatively to other people? maybe it is all just a backlash against the growing world of Burger King and Starbucks coffee-people becoming just as commodified and manufactured as the chain stores that appear from Seattle to Bejing.
but what is being an individual? can someone really be so different as to actually be noticed? in most cases I would say that the answer would be no however Im sure Muhattma Ghandi (amongst others) could be classed as being 'different' from many but he was not trying to be someone he was not. i think maybe that is the problem-too many idols and not enough personality.
A little self belief goes a long way....


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