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Saturday, January 12, 2008

why is it i manage to drink so much when i a at home??
last night i knocked back approx 10 pints of cider plus a little amount of tia maria...eeewww!!!we played scene it several million times, ate a variety of carbohydrates and played poker and snap with sjh's mother which was hilarious as she was more wasted than the rest of us.
i ended up in bed with daniel (surprising really) however stood my ground and actually nothing happened (aside from a bit of upper body fondling in the late hours of this morning). i was rather astonished i have to say as we both declared we wanted it but it couldn't happen-i believe i have turned into a responsible human being-this will never do!!! makes up for my early stupidity tho-i walked into the lounge and sat on the bed with martyn and declared very calmly that i was hammered and needed another beer (i really cant remember this happening)-why would i do this, i am an idiot i was wasted and couldn't really see straight!!!
anyway that was last nights antics i think i now need to go and die somewhere or throw up or similar. my stomach/liver really does not feel healthy. eugh kill me now!!


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