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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

well, first exam starts in two and a half hours!!!
am feeling all perfectly ready for it, in fact can't wait to get it over and done with!!!
this is the easy exam of the week which is nice however it will then mean revising for the crap one on thurs!!!
tum ti tum going home in a couple of days-yay!!! don't know why am excited probs won't get up to much and i have to revise for final exam but heyho im sure i will go out once or twice if am lucky-more than i would do here!!!
may watch sex and the city in a mo to 'relax' my brain. why am i so unconcerned about this exam?? it is what is going to get me to America and my complacency is rather worrying. im hoping that my relatively uncaring attitude just means i am well prepared.
might go and skim over my Quebec notes again. the pros and cons of separation-not so massly clued up on this. however i could tell you all about the native canadian and the image of the trickster character etc. i could probs also give you a highly detailed overview of the play 'AlterNatives' having now read it a grand total of three times!!!
right, off to skim through Quebec and make an ever so creative (if slightly unhelpful) spider diagram. obviously only doing it because i have lovely coloured felt tip pens which i actuly love with extreme conviction!!!


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