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Friday, January 04, 2008

should jess go out and chance a night out without Lynne?? should Jess be satisfied with the fact that she got chatted up by an Irish man who bought her a drink??should Jess go and do more revision as her exams are looming ever closer and she still does not feel like she could sit them just yet??
the answer to these questions is most probably yes. however the Irish man was ugly and without Lynne Jess will be lost. revision is also a good idea but one feels like having a bath.
however i shalt continue to suffer uncleanliness until this bloody book is read (once again) and i have made sufficient notes.
i have also remained quiet awake and alive for most of today, despite going out dressed like a pirate on the rough sea-holds me in good stead for tomorrow i believe, if i succumb to the doomed pastime of 'drinking'.


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