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Thursday, December 13, 2007

let me paint you a picture of my wonderful life...
i have suddenly been inspired by the wonderfulness that is the world-the tasty flavours of blackcurrant and apple squash and the delightful little round pieces of E number heaven that are M&M's.
i am sat at my lovely pink desk talking to anna via the great invention of MSN, am thinking about my evening of packing, bathing, eating pasta and reading the final 3 pages of a dreadfully boring opening to a book about democracy and the powers of the modern world. however i have kept in mind the wonderful, uplifting thought that i can go home tomorrow and dont have any more lectures this year :-)
my bedroom is not messy, i have the beginnings of a cold but am not letting that get me down, i am still obsessing over a certain someone but i am trying to rise above this and it will not ruin my christmas cheer.
so that is pretty much my life in all its glory. i am in awe of myself for being so cheerful and happy-it is evidently not a regular occurance but the world generally needs a few happy, thrilling thoughts now and again!!
i have finished my lovely snack and have to go to restart the internet and then write some birthday cards!!!
right off one goes to do some work....i can see it taking me an hour to read three pages, the art of procrastination never fails to amaze my o so simple mind!!!
merry christmas!!!


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