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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

well what an eventful few days.
christmas was alright...same as every year. food, drink, day. Boxing day-went for a walk with lynne, got lost in a field pretty much in Churchill-we are stupid. fortunately i was with lynne who likes to think she remembers what sheep look like-unfortunately this is not the case and the sheep that 'looked familiar' were really quite different to the ones we had seen earlier!!!
went to vicky's house for a couple of days. it is in the middle of nowhere and is made up of about 12 people and a few ducks :-s. i do not believe she is overly keen about living there-and neither is james-problems occur, which thankfully i am too kind not to go into.
Friday Night-the evening of drunkeness. we ate our christmas meal at about 11pm-which was bad as we had been drinking since about 7 and so were rather merry. we opened our presents, suffered the painful experience of the 'group awards', during which i won the catagory of 'facebook addict' and then drank ourselves into oblivion. we played some drinking games, including ring of fire. this was probs not the best idea as it was, by this time, about 3am. only the hardcore people were left to continue with this, each one of us fairly defiant and quite bad losers, wanting to stay up as long as possible for fear of being tagged as not capable of mass drinking and consciousness. Martyn however did not last the last couple of hours and proceeded to pass out half naked and then throw up on Sarah's carpet.
I argued with Daniel about how rubbish he is in life generally, and quite embarrassingly told him of my inability to 'get over'. following this, 'getting on' appeared quite appropriate and i went to bed with him at 6.35am. thankfully the next day all seemed alright and i had found some sort of closure in my ever so confusing and hurtful life.
i felt a bit on the rough side but managed to get home in one piece and attempted to sleep before going out in the evening to watch DNA play at the Salthouse. Myself and Lynne were left without a home to go to but finally managed to persuade SJH to lend us her bed for the night, before which we had to experience a 'social gathering' at Dan's house that consisted of Martyn putting a pizza in the oven and letting it engulf the kitchen in smoke.
New Years Eve will be described in a separate post as i feel talking about too many drunken events in one go makes me appear like a binge drinker, and we certainly don't want that.


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