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Saturday, January 05, 2008

'strongbow challenge'-conjures up all sorts of ideas.
once again a late night was had after a rather spontaneous chinese takeaway at SJH's last night. i took two cans of strongbow and ended up devouring about 8-lovely. it was a rather entertaining night playing a three hour game of 'scene it'. once again it was the late crew that stayed until the bitter end (me, Lynne, SJH and Daniel) and as we (except Lynne) gradually grew drunker the conversation steadily got more and more obscure as we discussed British politics and the disgrace of immigration, the origins of words and language and the ins and outs of the group sex habits and how well endowed people are in the private body parts areas.
well this went on for a while and then we went to bed. Probs one of the best nights i have had in a long long time.
however, i did end up in bed with dan again...tho i am no longer suprised by this. i have suddenly come to face the idea that maybe he can be regarded as a 'fuck buddy' but there is a small flaw in that i am actually friends with him-very bad.
hhmm he also decided it was a good idea to take pictures of me in bed and then record himself, what he referred to as, a porn film (it really wasn't that bad) and i actually didn't mind.
hhmm what is happening to me? oh well just another daily saga in the lief of me....!!
this whole blog space appears to be turning into a bit of a soap opera....i am not going to be suprised if i fail my exams due to distinct lack of revision...i need to tone down my social life.


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