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Monday, February 04, 2008

7 months to go. I will be hopping on a plane – American Airlines or similar – and flying out to the Deep South to start a new ‘school’ year in the sun. 7 months…there is nothing in that length of time. It has almost been that long since the summer and those months have flown by but I should be looking forward to this experience, not dreading it.

Ok, I’m not dreading it; ‘dreading’ is too harsh a word to use. I’m scared (mainly about how I’m going to get all the clothes I want to take with me on a plane where I can only carry a limited amount of luggage). I can’t (as I have done in the car in the past) sacrifice my mother’s safety in order to fit in an extra pair of shoes, or the odd table.

No, let’s be serious, I am genuinely scared. Scared about those last few weeks at home in the summer. Scared of the conversations that will be had about me leaving the country – maybe I’m being a little self-absorbed but I think I’m entitled to it this time. I am however getting a tad excited about my 21st/leaving party experience but I can’t help but think it might get a bit emotional.

Regardless of the scared attitude of the present moment, I have to say I am also very much looking forward to the whole experience. Hopefully my endearing English ways will win over these peculiar American people (maybe even American male people – with any luck) and I will make several friends. I want it to be a year of partying, having fun and, with a bit of luck, growing up slightly and then, on my return to the colder climates, I will be able to fend for myself in a more successful way than I am at present. Currently, relying on friends from home visiting, or relying on the train systems to take me back home at least once per semester, I am unable to live away from what I know for too long. This, I hope, will be partially rectified by my flight across the Atlantic and my total dependence on my own intellect (or stupidity) to find my feet and create home number X (I lose count of the number of ‘homes’ I have in this world).

Well, it will definitely be an experience – a life event worth remembering. And I think that is where I will leave it, with an upbeat paragraph about the highly diverse and extremely interesting I am going to be going to in 7 months time. As, I suppose, we mustn’t criticise the whole experience too much because we all know, the world ‘loves’ America (or, was it, America loves itself?).


At 10:13 pm, Blogger LP said...

I suppose I could technically get pregnant now and have a baby when you were gone and you would never know :p xxx


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