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Sunday, February 03, 2008

it is sunday, it is 12pm, i am still in pjs and have really not done very much today, at all. maybe i should actually read an article or two today so that i can at least pretend i have done something constructive with my life!!!
if all else fails, i suppose i could read belle de jour!! ooo the radio has been highly good this morn, a bit of 'addicted to bass' and other olde worlde dance like songs. i have been bopping along - as you do - no wonder i don't get any work done!!!
right must read an article, then i shalt allow myself to watch some form of tv. i may even start watching Skins, as a treat for doing work.
ooo and i can also have lunch in an hour - i hate the fact that being bored and doing work makes you hungry :-s


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