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Saturday, February 02, 2008

well it is February and it is cold. very cold actually, it even snowed yesterday :-s
i have been to Sainsburys, cleaned my room (including dusting and vacuuming), read a couple of articles on various things and am about to read some slave book thing!!!
i think my day has generally been rather productive!!!
im thinking about starting an essay soon, hhmmm may wait until i get my exam results on mon :-s really not looking forward to this as my exams were awful, hopefully with my rather amazing essay results they will not turn out too bad!!
heyho, i am sooo busy next week,
Mon: exam results, psychology experiment, gym,
Tues: doctors, badminton, maybe gym
Weds: day of mass work, vicky's
Thurs: Lynne coming (which will completely disrupt my life
Weekend: mass problems over which friends i decide i want to be with (or rather should be with), neil gave me the look of disgust the other day when i said i may not be able to go to Kelly's events but he does have a point and i do feel bad. eugh i really don't know what to do. i guess i am going to her meal next week and i will go to pre-drinks as i believe they will be here, unless vicky decides she wants to go out on friday night and then life will get even more complicated. hhmm should really ask her what she is actually doing so can work out time control (or something)


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