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Thursday, October 23, 2008

well im still here, in the land of the dull and boring. although it is less than nine weeks until i come home now, so always good!
I got my exam for women's studies back today - 100%, go me!!! i still can't quite get over just how easy it is is rather ridiculous!
im currently sat reading things for my African American women class - have been reading about a women who was taken from Africa and then forced to walk from New Orleans to Virginia when she was just 8 years has made me realise how lucky i am in life generally, it's incredible how bizarre the american life was and still is!
i was told yesterday, by the strange godly people who gather in free speech ally, that God hated homeosexuals...why are people soooo weird??? i just want to take them all on a little journey through the ways to be normal. it does get to me.
im hopefully going out this weekend to 'get my drink on' so to speak. although, a certain someone is being 'worried' about me. euuuuughhh whhhhhhhy??? what exactly am i going to do? im not just going to go off with some randomer...i think i have grown out of my days of getting with as many randomers in one night...although that was always a fun game to play! euuuuuugh why would i do that?????? it is quite annoying when you are not trusted by someone who you expect to trust you. obviously being away from home for so long is hard to do this....obviously just loving them is not good enough.


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