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Thursday, October 16, 2008

well jess is feeling much better about life today. was sat in the sun this morning and decided that i am not here forever (as much as it may seem like it). i am allowed to not like it and im allowed to get upset but in the long run this is a life experience and i dont want my life experience to be a dull one.
i think i have come to realise that my search to find myself has gone in a bit of a circle. i have discovered that myself is much more attached to home than i ever believed or even hoped it could be. I went to uni and made friends with two girls who then preceeded to argue with each other and tell me both of their issues with the other girl. this then carried on so that they ended up arguing with me. it appears we are back to phase 2 of this circle. gemma and izzy have both today told me about their dislike for qualities the other person has and being the good, neutral person that i am i have listened to them both. i know so much about the two of them that i often wonder how much they know about me? maybe i still don't know enough about me, so how can i expect them to know anything? and so the circle goes on with (i believe) home in the centre. no matter how often i try and join into the circle, the centre will always drag me back in...much like a black hole (or something)...
anyways that is my analogy for today...
im feeling creative at the moment and still full from eating my body weight in food at dinner...i had about 5 courses wonder americans are obese, im still working off my food baby after 6 hours!!


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