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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

america's politics

it is the 5th of November. Yesterday Barack Obama was elected as President. AMAZING. am feeling as though I am a part of history and i am hoping this will entice America out of its Republican ways (at least a little). Louisiana on the other hand remains highly republican but at least i know that the rest of the country is not like this.
I have been reading the newspaper this morning and came across as article entitled 'Marijuana, homosexual marriage amoung hot button iniciatives' (i was not interested in the poor grammer).
this article appealed to me, mainly because i have strong opinions on same sex marriage.
the article starts off very positively: marajuana being approved in Michigan for health purposes etc. - all up for legal drugs etc, it did make me wonder what a white, republican, southerner would think about this iniciative but then again i dont really care, if they get ill, they cannot take it as southern, republican governors would never allow it! - Bill Cassidy has just been elected in Louisiana (a pro-life, pro-war, pro-firearms republican through and through!)
anyway, back to the article - a proposed constitutional amendment in California to limit marriage to heterosexuals...WHAT???? there are 47 states in America as it is who dissallow same sex marriage and California is the capital of Gaydom...??! what are they thinking? what is wrong with same-sex marriage? No-one is demanding for it to be a religious thing (although im sure Jesus was open to a bit of man-on-man action), but seriously religion does not have to play a part. It is a union between two people who love each other, it is not a commitment before God. It doesn't even have to be called marriage. I am glad I live in a country who, despite falling into conservatism, is still really rather liberal compared to here. AND as well as this hidious proposal, Arkansas is now suggesting that unmarried couples should not be allowed to adopt chidren. WHY??? apparently it is to prevent same-sex couples adopting. why is this such a bad thing? surely people would want a child to have commited parents. Parents who would love the child and bring it up to be a responsible human being. there are far too many married parents out there who are unable to do this. Futhermore, South Dakota wants to ban abortion, except in cases of rape (thank God). I see where they are coming from i.e. stopping people having unprotected sex and using abortion as a contraceptive...but this is not the whole truth. Places such as South Dakota teach their adolescents that having sex is a sin. Sex is not a sin. You should not have to wait until marriage. You should be taught about contraception properly. People should give out free condoms, free advice, free guidance etc etc.
I always thought my sex education was bad, but i was never taught that I would die just because i had sex. Colorado has suggested a complete rejection of Roe v Wade...where are these people coming from?
and finally, as if this article has not got me angry enough, banning race and gender based affirmative action. well let me tell you this, racial minorities and the country's women are certainly not getting the same opportunities as white men. People need to be forced into making certain institutions representative of the whole of the American race. Especially in the South. With the amount of discrimination still present, I still think it is needed. 'black people and women no longer need it' many cases here i have witnessed that yes actually, they do.

As democratic as the American government is getting I don't think the american way of life is going to change all that much. Powerful people seem to have the impression that they can change the world. Obama changed the world yesterday, he changed the world today. but come january, the world will still be where it is right now. Obama cannot alter the minds of the 400million people of this country, or the 6 billion people in the world. he has altered history but it will take a lot more than a black man to make everyone happy and pull a divided country into the liberties of the 21st century.


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