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Sunday, January 18, 2009

well im back in the land of the free....bored, could actually write a novel or something while im sat here for hours on end being bored, have contemplated it but unfortunately lacked motivation.
i have been here a week and it already feels like a lifetime. Christmas went by far too quickly, I would do anything to have everyday of it over again. I think i have said before that whilst being here, i have learnt that i am a homely person who does not like being away...shame i am half way around the world.

in other news, Obama is being inaugurated on Tuesday...rather exciting. I intend to watch this on TV.

ooooo and in other news, I have a new exciting story about the people across the ondrej and family!!! well, if you are not up to date, calum is out of prison now and back causing chaos. He had been selling drugs to various people and buying them from various people and owed some people some money. Ondrej threatened to throw him out because they were getting phone calls and people coming round to see calum etc but calum never left.
then one day over christmas two guys turn up at their house and calum decides he doesnt want to see them so ondrej goes downstairs to tell them to go away. However they storm in the house threaten ondrej with a knife, take his wallet, car keys and take the car. So there was much comotion and the police were called and all sorts....Glebe Road is never boring!!!
I wish something majorly exciting would happen here....maybe not a knife incident but anything really if only to liven the place up a bit!

in positive news, allison has not slept here for the week so ive basically had the place to myself, which has made me question whether moving into Gemma's is a good idea as when i move i will have no time to myself and no space to myself but then it should help with my severe boredom and lonliness :-(

why is being here feeling rather different to last time? I really do not like it this time round and wish i wasn't here at all but then i do have mardi gras, new york and chicago to make me happy (kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place)

anyway, last year i made new years resolutions and this year i will make some more:
1. never be sad when at home as i now realise how important home is
2. have fun as much as possible, both here and in england. finding things to do which make me happy rather than getting sad all the time (even if this does mean going to the gym)
3. go to the gym....this mainly is meant for when i get home, i dont want to go to the gym all the time here and then lose my newly aquired fitness skills when i leave
4. don't worry so much about money. although i owe my parents more than ive ever owned i do need to realise that there are students with way less than me who manage to live fine...use money to have fun (to some extent)
5. dont take anyone for granted
6. try and keep room and books etc tidy (i like it when i can see my desk, and i do like the smell of 'clean'
7. find job before need job
8. start dissertation way before need to (i.e. soonish)

hhmmm i believe that is all i can think of for now...i will go investigate last years resolutions in a min and see if i succeeded in them!

all in all life at home was incredible...spent every waking second with Dan (what a difference a year makes...can definitely read the difference between now and then). we went on holiday which was amazing and also went by far too quickly. I have never felt so sad about leaving someone in my life...last saturday was horrendous, and i still feel as though a part of me has been left at not being completely me. but i have to learn to live with it, for the next 11 weeks anyway!

over and out


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