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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

well it is Tuesday. I have just spent a long time reading a very boring article about JFK and am now discussing babies with Lynne. how topics change....!

i have precisely 7 weeks before i want my dissertation to be finished and handed over to various people to read..that is not long, however i have written 1/3 of it now...whoop, so cant be all doom and gloom!
Lynne has been discussing babies as apparently oli has brought this up...! Oli is now lynne's boyf, defo something that i should note on this blog, otherwise one may get confused. my mother is unaware of this fact however, although my dad now knows from a rather funny conversation in the car on the way home from pub golf on saturday!

I think all is quite good in the hood aka me and dan now. dont want to rock the boat too much or make out that everything is 100% grand in case it is not, but this weekend was really good, almost forgot our conversations of previous weeks!

but going back to pub golf....rather amusing event ending in a playoff, but no-one was sick as far as im aware??!!everyone dressed up, we were stared at by some, rejected by others (most notably the berkley) and i defo owe oli money. but all in all really rather entertaining!! even the pizza place was quite funny...
pizza man 'what size pizza would u like'
me 'small'
dan 'are u sure'
me 'im not that hungry'
dan 'are u really sure'
me 'yes'
random man 'mate u dont want a small one there is no point'
dan 'you're right mate i dont want a small one...medium please and garlic bread'
i defo only ate one slice of pizza...silly interfering man.

anyhoo that is all must get back to life!!!

bye xxx


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