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Saturday, April 18, 2009

just because i haven't been on here for a looooong time, and also because i have some hilarious news....

firstly, ive been to new york and chicago...whoop!!! ooo and actually New Orleans (since the last time i wrote...busy busy busy!!!) umm and im going home for good in just over three weeks...
well that is not the hilarious news...

the hilarious news is that my grandfather has suddenly decided he does not like being old.
a. he wants a new car
b. he has a new flat screen tv with recordable device and various already installed is also, as he is keen to point out 'HD ready'....deary me
c. he has got his over 60's swimming pass from backwell...bearing in mind that he is over 80. he was boasting how he used to swim a length under water...thankfully they have lifeguards at backwell. he is not as young as he was 10/12 years ago when we would go on holiday and he would be off down the waterslides...:s
d. he is enrolling himself onto an old persons computer course...evidently he is bored of solitaire and wants to move on to more exciting things such as....'google'.

anyway i do believe that is home life of the moment.
but i am happy to be going back to it in a few short weeks...just an essay to write, various books to read, dissertation to start and three exams to do and life will be grand ;s



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