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Sunday, January 25, 2009

well it has been two weeks since i got here. I have moved into gemmas room now which is much better as it means i have people around who i like which always makes life nicer :-)

still feel very sad about not being at home and i know i shouldn't do this but i am counting down the days (quite literally) until i go to new york, chicago, home....
why cant i let go? never again will i complain about being in nottingham, despite the fact the train prices have gone up in england...whhhhhy?? in worse news, the exchange rate is ridiculous now...i am starting to think that england should take on the euro purely because at this rate the pound is going to drop below the euro....not good at all!!!

i have been doing some work this morning, tho intend to go to the gym when it opens..
a. i am still in my pyjamas
b. i need to get out of this room
c. i need to stop thinking so much

euuuuugh why does life seem so gay atm, and why am i so desperate to be in england??

in other not so depressing news, my mother has evidently reached mid-life crisis and has decided that she wants a tattoo for her 50th birthday and that i have to go with her for moral support and get one too....oh dear. i wonder if she has discussed this with my father, i can see him being a little bit more conservative about the whole idea!!!and i think she just wouldn't tell my grandma...i can see this being one interesting summer :-s

anyway, off to finish reading and then off to exercise my body and give my brain a rest



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