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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

just thought would share with you the wonderous trauma called british weather. unfortunately i am not in the country during this tumultuous time but i do keep up with the news of the moment using the bbc website!

there is snow!!! and a lot of it. britain has come to a suprises...the great freeze is upon us (or rather upon them). the london buses stopped their service for a day, schools are closed, people are staying in, everyone is making snowmen, a man on the news used skis to get to work.
this is what we like to call global warming...yet to see the warmth in england but heyho, we can only wait and see. As i keep saying, i do believe we are heading towards an ice age. this is not global warming, this is normal earthly behaviour - everyone has just gone a bit crazy - maybe something to do with snow blindness.

in other news i would like to share with you what was written in the LSU newspaper today; how drink driving is not that bad. firstly they compare it to texting....'it's just the same as texting and texting is no major offence'. (well i would like to differ and also say that texting is awaful and has recently killed someone - it was on the news - but the article goes on). 'there should be a button in the car which makes the lights of the car flash and stop the car driving so quickly if the driver has been drinking' where is this person coming from? oh yes Louisiana. The state, which i learnt this morning, which says if your husband rapes you while you are asleep or intoxicated, it does not class as rape....

also, in the newspaper last week...birth control is bad for you. 'women should not take any form of birth control...condoms are 100% effective'. im seriously living in a backwards world. oh and to add to this, approx 340 people were murdered in Louisiana last year. actually it may have been just in New Orleans, last year.....hhhhhmmmm definitely something to think about!

and on that happy note im off to find the American Constitution...not that this houses any solutions.



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