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Sunday, February 19, 2012

i have just written a very very very long post on this site and it disappeared right before my eyes...was obviously not meant to be.
i was writing my 'resolutions' which were more ideas of how the year ahead should plan out (although i suppose we are already two months down):
1. work hard, get paid more
2. gym more, eat fewer doughnuts (although it is rare for me to turn down such tasty treats - i would however like to be less than 9 stone)
3. do panto in clevedon
4. go abroad on holiday (namely with lynne)
5. have fun with life but also think about growing up a little, disney sing a long in the car is probably not all that grown up
6. have a real relationship with a boy, noooo man, not just some weird seeing each other on occassion thingy which is largely confusing
ummm i think that was mainly all.
i just also wanted to add a few other things that have happened over the past few brother and father got a ticking off from the local police for doing handbrake turns on the beach at weston hahahahaha....umm my brother broke his finger on a fridge door (i know, i is that even possible???) panto is on friday and saturday this week, scary stuff! on a pleasant note i have a new car and only have to work 3 days this week yay! annnnd am going out for dinner on monday and friday soooo all seems alright with life at the moment.
well i think i will leave it there and go to make tomorrows lunch annnnnd watch tv and the like.
will try and write again before another month or two passes us by without so much as a hello!


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