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Thursday, August 11, 2011

hello hello,

i am home alone at the moment, the parents have gone on a day/night trip to cambridge in the rain - im assuming they didnt mean to go in the rain, i mean it hasn't really rained for a long time so im guessing the picked a bad day!
so yes, i am alone at home and so far i have achieved very little with my afternoon/evening and it is already 9.15 :s i went on a bit of an epic bike ride in the rain, nearly got killed by a double decker bus, mud everywhere and absolutely soaked - i felt very much alive (and bloody freezing).

i believe i am rather tired, contemplating going upstairs to retrieve my book but it is such a long way, may resort to reading a crap magazine instead as it is on the chair right next to me...decisions!

I'm working this weekend, joy of joys but never mind, every cloud and all that jazz..i believe it is meant to still be raining! annnd i may end up at Zoe's bbq extravaganza (Zobury at it is known) for a sausage and a umm well maybe a second sausage but i have to get up early on saturday :( so it won't be a late sausage!

Dan has stayed round a lot to update on our current relationship status...not much to report on this front, sexytime seems to be rather regular at the moment but due to the busyness of upcoming weeks i doubt this will remain the norm. I do quite often wish there was something about us that was more set in stone but i guess i could talk to him at any time and he would listen and if i needed him he would be here etc etc...maybe that is all that any kind of relationship with a person is all about...the only problem is when it's just us i can act however i want, when other people are brought into the equation it all goes a bit 'tits over arse' as the saying goes...

well i do believe that is all my rambling for the evening, i will brace myself and take the stairs to the west wing to locate my book - a Jodi Picoult book, in fact her most recent..Harvesting the Heart...-and then i intend to watch a programme later about non-sexed people, hermaphodites and the like!




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