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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Almost the end of October and not a blog to be had anywhere!
I have a job at North Somerset Council, answering phone calls from angry people who have problems with is a is starting to wonder if I will ever end up in a job i actually like, maybe jobs are not meant to be liked.

In other news, I am without a boyfriend/male counterpart/lover. I would not say no to one of these right now.

I still have run ins with Dan. And when i say 'run in', well I mean sex. Sex without feeling, quite literally just sex. But as many people are aware, sex without feeling, for me, is like rock without roll, sea without sand, profitteroles without cream. In other words, the feelings are still there. Maybe I need to learn to live with the fact that they will always be there. Maybe I need to learn that having sex to fill the vacant space of lonliness is not a very clever plan, maybe i need to man up and learn to say no.
Or I just go along with it. I want it at the time, in fact i want it beyond the time, all the time...ok ok so man-ing up may be the best bet.

Right I'm rambling, im tired and i need to bring my desperate soul back from the brink of despair :s

love x


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