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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am not that great at making decisions. I am not that great at deciding what I want to do in life. This goes for many aspects of my little world.
At the moment I am in a quandary. Unfortunately, for the wellbeing of my soul, the quandary is regarding men (again). So, bad at making decisions, or actually making any sensible move in terms of finding a male counterpart. There was Will (in fact there still is Will, on the sidelines, there if necessary, texts me wanting to know what I am up to and so on), who is very nice and easy to talk to, and takes me bowling and will have sex with me (despite it not being the most satisfying of experiences) if I want to. But he is rather boring and a bit odd. However, there is now someone else...justin. Friendly, texts me, would also probably have sex with me if I wanted it (but I so far have not succumbed to such inevitable circumstances), from london, has strange hair, is 39, lives on his own.....'hey wait what was that?', yes, he is 39. This makes him approx 15 years older than me. This means he is actually closer to my parents age than my own. This is not a good situation. At least Will is only 25.

Gah, why cant life just be simple and someone of an appropriate age, with appropriate social skills and appropriate hair just come and announce that they will be my boyfriend.
there was a very nice looking young man in the swimming pool the other day who I actually just stared at for a good 15 minutes before then following him into the steam room (may have thought up some little fantasy), alas I could hardly breathe in the steam room as it was so hot and it was dark so I couldn't see him anyway. Hhhmm but you know, he would have been great!and he WAS lovely to look at.

Well that is my problem of the moment. That and the fact I have a cold. In other news, I got the keys to the flat yesterday-i am now an actual homeowner and soon to be landlady, how very very exciting :)


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