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Thursday, October 20, 2011

well it is October and it is cold and horrible outside :s
I have been working all afternoon/evening and am now relaxing with the lappy!
Not a lot has happened as of late. I have bought a not sure if i have mentioned this in the past. I have half bought it actually, papa has bought the other half so now we are, as he likes to say, business partners...ooer. The parents have bought another house as well actually for the brother to live in, so it is a little property mad in these parts.

looking forward to next week...seeing a band on monday (something about cats...something lynne likes, yes im going with lynne), pub quiz wednesday, uni people visiting at the weekend...a night out in bristol with everybody...anna is getting overly organised on this front, i just intend to turn up after a little amount of pre-drinking and getting ready antics :p so yes very very exciting!

Im going to see Frank Turner again at the end of Nov..this is with dan, not that we are really speaking or anything at the moment, most perculiar situation. I almost slept with him for the first time in ages a couple of weeks ago but catagorically said i will not be doing that anymore if alcohol is to be involved, so we didnt...go me and my determination! soooo we will see what happens at the end of Nov.
Also by then, Will will have returned to the country...oh my. This means there is a possibility i will have to make some sort of decision. I dont really find him attractive or anything, i just like the fact that he is there..does this make me a bad person>? I think not :s Im just a little desperate for intimate company and the feeling of being wanted and i suppose, looking popular which is so hard to come by! hhmmm well will cross that bridge when it comes to it. Who knows, by then i may have found a different bridge to settle on...maybe on this night out in bristol which is imminent...usually we come across some man or other to entertain our meagre brains!



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