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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

well, a sunny tuesday morning. There has been lovely weather for about a week now, unfortunately like most good things in life, this will not last long, or not long enough.
I went out with Will on Saturday, certainly an interesting afternoon. He is a rather desperate soul, wants me to give in and 'go out' with him like some sort of love sick adolescent. Thankfully he is moving to Oxford fairly soon, although he does want me to go and visit...I have told him that by that time I may have a boyfriend so not to hold out hope! Cruel but fair.
I saw C on Sunday, we went to Portishead (it's the place to be). Still not convinced by this at all but I'm also seeing him on Thursday...I probably shouldn't drag something out like this for so very long - Im having some sort of internal battle with myself :s
In other male news, I went swimming with 'guy from work' yesterday - probably a bad idea but nothing in the 'sexual' sense will be happening on that front again. He wants to take me on a day trip - interesting - I have certainly not agreed to this :s he texted me a lot yesterday, also probably a bad decision, I will blame it on the sunshine, always brings out the worst in people!
There is potential for a date with D still. He too was texting me a lot last night, the trouble with him being that we are never both free at the same time. So we will see where that goes. What I like about this one is that last night we were discussing the ins and outs of novelty underwear - there are not many people you can do that with, especially people you don't actually know!

Im seeing Mark tonight for a catch up, before Dan comes back from holiday on Friday. In a sort of side comment I have enjoyed him not being here - no comments about him, no awkwardness, no having to choke out a 'hello' when I see him. But that is enough talk on that front, unfortunately he does only live down the road :(

Well I must be off to make 40 fairy cakes....the things I do for my mother!and then time for sunbathing although hopefully no more leg burning, unlike yesterday! x


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