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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Farmers Jeans

Happy, happy, happy! I don't know why.
The sun is out
the sky is blue
I'm going brown
oh, whoop-di-do!
Where do my talents end! Maybe I should take up a job in poetry land. Mr Shakespeare, Mr Blake, Roald Dahl, stand aside, poetry genius coming through!
Well, maybe I still need a bit of practice. It is all true, though. About the sun and that.
Mmmm...any stories to tell?
I know, I believe I have farmers genes (that's genes as in chromosome type things not, as my mother thought, farmers jeans, when I told her) I went to the allotment yesterday and picked peas and beans and ate a few strawberries too. I was stung by a nettle and scratched by planks of wood (very rural stuff). When we got home me and mum popped the pea and bean pods. I believe I have pea popping genes (now that would be funny if they were pea popping jeans!).
Anyway, I only have one other story, I think. Yesterday night, around 11pm, I was watching TV in the living room and happened to look out the window (that wasn't the story, just the build up) the security light came on outside the Toman's house and this person was walking around looking around the bins, at the door and then started waving this big stick in the air. At first I had a funny feeling that it could have been a burglar but then I thought only a very stupid burglar would wave a huge stick around in the air. Mum opened the window and shouted out to it. Then a large afro appeared, closely followed by James. He had got home without a key and no-one was in so he thought he would amuse himself with a large stick.
Oh well, not everyone can be a genius.
I might go shopping tomorrow unless it's hot, then I won't go shopping tomorrow.
I'll write soon. I won't leave you with another 'mind bending' question as I seem to have run out of them...For now!


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