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Thursday, August 12, 2004


Long time no write! My computer won't let me write on it anymore, it's sooo odd.
Anyhow. I have loads to tell!
My brother rang from Devon last night at about 2am saying he wanted some one to go and take him home. At that hour? I don't think so!
I did my audition and I think it went ok. I am hopeful but I'm not counting on anything-if you see what I mean.
Ummm...the balloon fiesta is today so I'm going up there with Lynne (should be fun, if it doesn't rain), it looks as though it's about to rain now so...
Oh, you know I talked about my farmers genes, well my mother has really got into pickling beetroot at the moment. We have already made about 16 or so jars of the stuff and thats only about a fifth or so of what we've actually grown in the allotment! The other day we got a little bit of a production line going-one person cooked, one person peeled and the other person squished it into a jar. Everyone turned purple during this process (heehee).
I've practically finished the book. I have about ten pages left so I will finish it today!
My parents are now accepting the fact that we will go to America next year. My mum even got an American brouchure from the travel agents. It looks so cool. I have decided we should have a day in Las Vegas (I'm a gambler at heart).
I think there's a thunder storm a brewing! It's gone incredibly dark!
Anyway I'll have to write again later as Beki's coming to put something on my computer.
This is not goodbye...


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