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Thursday, August 05, 2004


I have an audition tomorrow!
I'm quite scared (as I have said many times) but I am also excited-which can only be a good thing!
This time tomorrow and it will be all over.
Guess what. I have been on my bike every day since Friday (how energetic), I even think I am growing muscles! (now that's a new experience!)
Mmmm...I don't have a lot to say, but then I never do!
Although I have been doing all this exercise I wanted to eat an ice cream today. Usually this ice cream van comes down our road at about 5 but today I could hear but it didn't go past! How rude!
My mum and dad are out at the moment (coinsidently, doing exercise). My mother is doing yoga. She is really getting into it actually. Maybe a bit too much. She keeps going on about your inner this and your inner that and how to balance your chakras etc. She also makes a great deal of fuss over her yoga mat. I mean, it's only a mat!
My father is 'training' (not sure what for), he goes to the gym and lifts a couple of weights (can't be training for a marathon then). They will be home soon.
Anyway, I'm bored now.
I'm going to go and read over my lines a couple more times-I think I know them now (I hope I know them now).
Well, that's all for today.
I'll leave you with some words of wisdom:
If the string breaks, try another piece of string.


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