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Thursday, August 12, 2004


Hey, I'm back.
It did rain but it's sunny again now.
Mum just rang to say that they are on their way back now! They said it's raining where they are and they are stuck in a traffic jam! (well, we can't all be lucky)
So yeh, my audition was alright, until I forgot this one line and it threw me completly. But never mind, I can always try again next year!
I went horse riding on monday with Jenny and Anna and it rained, alot! We got absolutly soaked and now I think Jenny has pneumonia!
I went shopping with mum yesterday and she bought me many things! I got some new converse shoes that are pink and I put pink laces in them. I don't think I will wear them tonight as the grass at Ashton Court will be very wet!
It's been a week since I last wrote properly (that's a long time) so mum will be going to yoga again tonight!
I think there are lots of things happening this weekend, if only I could remember them. Oh well, I have learnt to go with the flow and sort of just wait for things to happen and hope that they do happen (which they usually do) and hope that they are nice things!
I feel incredibly calm just waiting for things. You would think that I would be worried that nothing is going to happen but there you are! Maybe it's something to do with Norah Jones, (that's what I'm listening to at the mo) her music is soooo calming and relaxing!
There are many campervans and caravans going down our road at the mo, to the farmers field because of the festival.
It's like caravan city. The welsh caravans have all put HUGE welsh flags up. My mum drove past them yesterday and said 'do they want to be burnt down?'. You can tell she doesn't really like the welsh but it is true. Some people round here don't like the welsh so it's not a good idea to advertise that you are welsh by putting flags up around your caravan. It does however, show that there is a little colonie of welsh people in one corner of the field (tres amusing)!
Oh dear, they can't help being welsh. that racist (I hope not!).
Anyway, enough of that.
Maybe I should stop writing now, this has turned into a small essay. Maybe I should become a writer, (any comments on this subject will be taken into consideration, just don't be rude about this statement) it make actually turn out as a more likely career than an actress or a farmer!
Anyway, I really am going now.
I may write again tomorrow if I can get my hands on this computer instead of my own.
Any words of wisdom...ummm... always take the right path,... not the wrong one!


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