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Sunday, September 19, 2004

A list

I've just been to Lynne's and we had a bit of a culinary disaster! Although I'm sure blue cookies only sound disgusting because of the whole blue thing. I just think they're a bit too blue. I'm sure it's a psychological (note: I can spell psychological) thing!
Anyway, I am reading Bridget Jones's Diary, still. I'm only on April but, you know, I am taking it all in!
Oh, I need to make a list (please excuse the list):
Monday-swing band, go to Alice's, find out her address.
Tuesday-Go to Jenny's with (smart) clothes, show parents round (being polite and helpful-should work on that), find out what time need to come home.
Wednesday-Check that I have told Emma that I can't go to her party and make an excuse of why I couldn't tell her my friends were coming round before, trying not to make it sound like I invited them round so that I had an excuse (mmm)
Thursday-RELAX (tres important), check cinema times, buy nibbles!
Friday-check have bought nibbles, double check cinema time, make sure mother has made birthday cake, friends coming 7:30.
Saturday-MY BIRTHDAY, organise family, friends coming at 3pm, open presants!
Sunday-get over shock of being 17.
Well that's my week planned and I have to go to school in between! What a hard life I lead!
Oh, Cat brought us a presant the other day, a mouse. I think he was trying to get us to let him in. No such luck there. I think he should think about these presants before he gives them to us!
I got my driving license the other day so from saturday I am free to roam the roads! Well, almost free. I have to be with a fully qualified adult who's over 21 (my mother) and at the moment I have been told I am only allowed to drive around B&Q car park on a sunday. That's responsibilities for you!
I think I should go and watch Monarch of the Glen as many people will be talking about it tomorrow and I will want to know what they're going on about!
Oh, talking about people at school, I found out today that they have been conducting an experiment on me (without me knowing) for Eng. Lang. That's friend's for you!

Blue is the new brown-in cookie terms!!!


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