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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Yoga with Carol

I'm home alone, again. It is not good, I am bored and should really be doing homework as I have only a few days left before school starts again and I have much homework to be doing! I have, however, got over half way through Bridget Jones the second (cos that's really important) and will soon be able to read a new book-love new books!
Anyway, don't think I have much to tell. I have been running quite a lot and do intend to go later (without mum as she has been to an aerobics class already today-I will explain later) today. I tend to run in Ashton Court, where no-one will spot me! Anyway, so my mother went to an aerobics class this morning, with Jacqui (suprise, suprise (at least it kept my dad of the phone)). I think they know the person who was doing it. They went to the over 50's class (many grannys there) because they didn't know there was an under 50's class (hehe). Anyway, while they were there, they asked the manager who would be taking the yoga class tonight, it was Carol. Carol is not very well liked amoung the yogary community, and so mum and Jacqui have decided not to go-along with about half of their yoga class!!! Last week they went to yoga and overheard someone asking Carol if she was taking the yoga class, Carol said yes and so mum and Jacqui ran off down the corridor (yoga mats under their arms), drove to Jacqui's house and hid until about 10pm!!! (you start to feel sorry for Carol (maybe she should take up a new career)).
So, yeh, my family has gone out. Matt's in Nailsea and the parents are out having lunch and I'm stuck inside doing homework (supposedly). Maybe I should have lunch soon. Mmmm. Firstly, I will do something constructive on the internet and then eat a very nutritious bread stick (or similar, if we don't have one of them!!!).
Must be heading off now, then. Cheerio!!!

A mouse is not a mouse unless it eats cheese!!!


At 8:27 pm, Blogger Flin said...

Hello I have noted an error. They are not called bread sticks, they are called stick breads! Im going off now to do my lets go in the disco dance. I shall leave you to ponder where that phrase type thing comes from!!!! I would like a reply and answer cheers xx


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